Thursday, 3 June 2010

Video of our Bantay Pawikan Activity 2008

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Temp Link

Am off to Beijing then Qingdao...

Am hoping to update everyone through

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

3 Lessons from the Shanghai Total Solar Eclipse

1. Plan Relentlessly

The exact date of an astronomical phenomenon is fixed. There is nothing you can do to postpone it. Therefore do what you have with the time that's given to you. Oftentimes as the E-day nears you would realize there should have been things you could have done earlier. Regrets and should-haves would always be there. The best way to minimize them is to plan plan and plan relentlessly.

2. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

Oftentimes we get so focused on the E-day we fail to step back and enjoy the process, the journey. While the event itself is the heart of the experience, the process once went through makes it more meaningful. Once an event is finished the process and much as the event itself are fond memories to recall.

3. Learn to let go

Sometimes one must realize that despite our best efforts something would always not be in one's control. The eclipse that happened arguably can be considered a little bit disappointing from a visual perspective. However one can never alter the way things have happened. After the event, one simply must learn to let go..

Monday, 4 January 2010

Gearing up for E-day

I must admit it has been a while since I updated this blog. However things are shaping up.
Just last Dec 29, about 8000 miles from PAL were finally credited to my account. (PAL is rather notorious in not automatically crediting miles) enough to make break the 20,000 mark needed for Beijing, the shortest stop to Qingdao.

I had to go to Iloilo on the 30th to make sure the ticket is issued. PAL charges additional $30 for tickets booked within 10 days of travel.

At any rate am now off to Beijing on the 10th. I would use the few days before the 15th to scout for a suitable location in Qingdao.

Am not yet excited.. but I know I will soon be..

Saturday, 21 November 2009


55 days to go till the annular eclipse. Am still having doubts that Qingdao would give a good view but am really praying it would. I have contacted two folks from the area through Couch surfing and they are interested.

There's no mileage promo yet in PAL so I might take the Shanghai route via Cebu Pac after all.

Youtube seems not replete of good annular eclipse videos... Here's one of the acceptable ones I stumbled upon.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Team Shanghai Solar Eclipse Expedition Video Tribute

A video tribute to Team Shanghai of UP Astronomical Society.
An 11-man team that defied the odds and went to a foreign land to document what would be the longest eclipse in our lifetime.

Annular Eclipse Pic

Am hoping to get a picture similar to this.

This photo is taken by Dennis Mammana

Am having doubts right now though if Qingdao would be the place to go since a maximum eclipse at sunset is a bit risky..