Wednesday, 6 January 2010

3 Lessons from the Shanghai Total Solar Eclipse

1. Plan Relentlessly

The exact date of an astronomical phenomenon is fixed. There is nothing you can do to postpone it. Therefore do what you have with the time that's given to you. Oftentimes as the E-day nears you would realize there should have been things you could have done earlier. Regrets and should-haves would always be there. The best way to minimize them is to plan plan and plan relentlessly.

2. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

Oftentimes we get so focused on the E-day we fail to step back and enjoy the process, the journey. While the event itself is the heart of the experience, the process once went through makes it more meaningful. Once an event is finished the process and much as the event itself are fond memories to recall.

3. Learn to let go

Sometimes one must realize that despite our best efforts something would always not be in one's control. The eclipse that happened arguably can be considered a little bit disappointing from a visual perspective. However one can never alter the way things have happened. After the event, one simply must learn to let go..

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